Thursday, March 5, 2009

die nummer der bestie ist sechs sechs sechs.

The sprite sits above thee lord
as if a reporter, the other kneels below
“To the way of end, Shall you guide”
he asks with a infamy in his tone
Crisis’s of the heavens
emerged as the researchers
of perfectionist that arrive, to see this place
we are too many in number,
From his priestly position he budges
as if the mighty problem solver would
“I have made Achilles, and I have been Peleus
brought conflicting interest for the world to scorn”
They have lived petty lives to reach,
this place of strife we embower
with garlands you have decorated
this land of farce

When in a mess you have called upon thee,
to save and spread the world with malevolence
You have seen the German’s rise, from painters
to messengers of my word, of good.
And you gave them hope, to adopt
a life as clear as the crystal decorated at your base
and now you ring the number
many times over, till you know
clear in your head and heart and soul,


  1. Whoa!
    coming together of the literae humaniores in a contemporary setting

    *nice, i like*

  2. hey.. thanks man. glad u appreciate it.