Thursday, January 29, 2009

War of Spiritual Forces

The good and the bad,
walk hand in hand
whilst we create our idols
the lords dine over, amongst entertaining souls
rulers of the past, the future collide
with arm’s, they are ready for war.
Try and win over, deprive
of different paths, and different laws.
The present are but mere blind men
walking towards what they perceive as heaven or hell
locked up inside, a minds den
they walk endlessly, away from the spirituality of Zen.
The white and dark have shared their prophecies
right and wrong, and all their stories
what they simply forgot to share
that they are all, one in the same.
See again, for our idols have same faces
they come from all the same races
that belong to the one, one who beholds
existence of mere life, and stories untold.

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