Sunday, January 18, 2009

Enter Darkness

A Streak of Light, Somewhere In My Mind
A Patch of Dark Clouds, the Moon’s light entwined
The Shadow of Soul, Shining Through
You Stand and Wonder, Whether Life is Lead by fools
Was it not god that made this soul
Why is the end then, always so cold
What finishes must start, must finish again
To mingle in our minds, our actions, repent
The soldier is brave. He fights on alone
Replenishing all that we have lost, that is forever gone.
Heart beat races like an injection of steroid
The numbness spreads,we feel no pain
Yet there is the lonely traveler, standing beside me.
She holds my hand and guides me
The other side is dark.


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  2. What finishes must start, must finish again.


  3. hehe thank u soo much :)
    glad ull like it x)

  4. the other side is always dark. ha .. love it. continue the good work.

  5. 'All that lives, is born to die.
    And so I said to you that nothing really matters,
    And all you do is stand and cry..'

  6. hey thank you all so much.
    will keep posting up loads of more stuff
    do keep reading and commenting.

  7. darkness is a mist
    of shades that go unnoticed


    excellent work.

  8. your poetic vibes are greatly influencing that part of my mind that makes me pause, ponder, and write.

    thinking of you.