Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wes Wilson

The brain, in its psychedelia.
An euphoric state of presence
mystics and realism all present
detail and colour always of high essence

All posses, the quality of seeing truth
some just aren’t ready
some are scared, to see the matter
some just simply retreat.

When one is, he reaches out
caressing its humbleness it accepts and begins
forgiven over for all his sins
he is ready, to again win.

When vision around is hazy
the minutest of spec, is clear,
its existence and meaning all make sense
confide now in one self’s, wholesome gain.

Wes Wilson was a man as ordinary
he dared, to crack the nut wide open
he did so with emphatic style
he reached to where he belonged, he found happiness again.


  1. he lives in all of us.
    we just need to find him.
    'discovery makes you open doors
    that otherwise would remain with chain and locks'

  2. you penetrate through the colours
    in my head
    and swim in my blood
    in psychadellic waves
    you fuse in my oxygen
    and take my breath away


  3. dear Hello: wes wilson is that part in us which does things on courageous impulse, knowing abosuteley that what he's doing is what he's destined to do. His prime objective.